Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Air Resistance Rules The Casting Distance Again


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-31-2021

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Most of the day was an illness day with a bit of fever. Twice the OFM hit the bed and passed out for about three hours each. So the exciting activities were all put on the back burner and the fire turned out.

The afternoon awakening brought out the gotta get up a bit from the OFM. So we did a planned re-test of the casting difference between a 6'-6” rod and an identical except length 7'-0” rod with the most used lure in our tackle box being the weight.

The distance they cast was not the question. Which cast the farthermost and how much difference?

We pulled Sierra onto the large sandy area by the Salt Water Swimming Pool. First was the longer rod. The landing average of the lure was marked with the OFM water bottle.

Then the line, reel and lure were changed to the shorter rod. The test casts were made and marked in the sand. No tape measure was required. There was less than 2 feet of distance difference in the average between the two rods. In fact a couple of the shorter rod casts were a little farther than a couple of the longer rod casts.

So this test came up with the same results as the previous test. Our guess is still that the air resistance of the bulky lure in the air sets the basic distance of the casts.

And that tired the OFM out and it was back to the bed for the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun today.