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Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-28-2021

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It was the day of a new experience for the OFM. But we will get to that later. The first thing on the agenda was new foam insoles. For a change Walmart had a good stock of inserts for all sorts of purposes. We made our choice and got them home for the trimming to fit. Surprise, the trimming went really well and the new inserts seemed to be a good choice.

Another thing that went very well was the truck appointment at the garage went really well. After Rex got the engine compartment partially opened up, it was obvious that the wear on two of the three belts was insignificant. The wear on the serpentine belt was determinable but not really bad. So we chose to replace the serpentine belt and move the worn one to limp home service in case of a failure out in the middle of nowhere.

As you can see there is lots of room to get in there to work, and this picture is with two large plenums removed to get access. Rex handled the belt replacement in quick fashion after we discussed a few judgment calls to be made in the foreseeable few months.

And now for the new experience. We headed over to the Memorial Park to wear out the paths breaking in the new inserts. Things were going well and we were nearing a lady with two dogs pulling her along. Her name turned out to be Tracy. Her dogs were showing all sorts of please pet me signs like tales wagging so hard they were wobbling around on the path.

The black and white dog was especially excited to get a petting it seemed. Tracy was doing her best to hold them back until I told her it was OK for friendly dogs to visit me on the trail. So she still held them back somewhat and let the black and white approach the OFM. As is usual the OFM did not approach the dogs and waited for them to get to him. The OFM held his hand down as usual for the dog to get a big sniff. Then the black and white dog did the usual friendly dog trick of sticking his nose under the OFM's hand to get petted.

As it was getting petted the tail was still wagging like crazy. Black and white then went to sniffing the OFM's leg as usually happens. Tracy and the OFM continued to talk. Suddenly, as the black and white sniffed the back of the OFMs pants, it went hysterical with growling and biting attempts. The OFM jumped back and checked his pants that now had tooth marks in it.

B&W kept on but Tracey pulled him back to get him away from the OFM. The OFM checked his leg and found where the teeth had removed about 2 inches skin from the back of his knee and blood was gently running down his leg. This was the first time in his life a dog had bitten him in anger.

After Cleaning

We did all the right things of exchanging names etc. The Dog was all up to date on its shots etc. It was really odd that the dog was acting so extremely friendly until it smelled the back of the OFM's pants. Then it was a nasty hound all the way back and into the car. The OFM gave the skin missing area a good soapy scrubbing. Close examination showed that no meat was damaged. The skin had been ripped off cleanly. The triple antibiotic seems to have the redness of the wound in good retreat.

We definitely do not recommend getting bitten by a dog as something special and different in your chasing trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Your's is not the first time that I've read about a dog not behaving the way he should. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Me too. But this was the first time it got a piece of me. I must be getting slow in my old age.

  2. The friendly until the the back of your leg is really odd. I'm glad you're not really hurt...

    If I was the owner of a dog who out of the blue spilled the blood of a stranger I'd be having some serious thoughts about that dog.

    1. I have been playing with dogs most of my life and this was a first and very odd to me also.

  3. Did you sit in something the dog smelled?

    The family who owned the dog that bit me promptly had it put down since they didn't want to risk it biting one of their kids. I have been nervous around dogs ever since that bite since it was a first for that dog, too.

    1. To answer your question, I do not know what that dog smelled or thought. At least my damage is minimal but might leave a light scar as a memento.

    2. The black and white dog looks like he has a little pit bull in him. For years I owned German Shepherds and it always annoyed me when people wanted to pet them. You just never know how a dog will act around a stranger. I avoid people with dogs when I am out. It is just not worth the risk. Hopefully that dog had proof of rabies shots. I don't see a tag.
      the Ol'Buzzard