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Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-10-2021

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SEA FAIR is over. Just the MAJOR cleanup is left to do. The city is usually pretty quick on cleanups since tourism is there main income. We ran around today looking at things like different campgrounds. On the OFM side he got the laundry done and put away and the Castle vacuumed and some other clean up done before 0900 this morning.

The morning walk went well thanks to some strong winds blowing most of the mosquitoes to Canada. The two miles went well with no joint pain for a change. Then several times during the day we hoofed it a quarter mile to an item of interest and back to Sierra. So it has been a physically active day.

Here is a nice picture of the new Fulton Pier. It seems to be a nicely done pier and it was WELL used today.

While down in Fulton we also walked around their harbor just for funzies. Here is the back end of a shrimp boat. This is the area where all the WORK happens when the boat is working catching shrimp off the bottom of the bays.

The OFM did shrimping in his younger days and that is serious work.

And late this evening we meandered down to the “burn pile” to see what's going on. Surprise, it is finished and ready for the big event whatever it is.

That pretty well concluded our adventures for the day. We did view the evening sunset from in the beach park. It was just nice but not spectacular. However it was a great finish for a long day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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