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Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-17-2021

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It twer a busy day with lots of new experiences, new folks to meet and got busy on a new painting finally. We will only cover a small part of the great adventures tonight. Something like 75 pictures were taken during the day.

The morning started with leg joints being uncooperative for fast walking. So we turned the morning walk into a meander along the Rockport Beach with treasures in mind. And we found them. The legs got better was we meandered along and after a half hour or so we had no other trouble from them the rest of the active day.

The first treasure we found was in the shallow water near the beach.

It was just laying there at peace with the wavelets lapping over it. If the OFM Fishing Team had needed a new reel handle we could have taken our shoe and sock off and stepped into the water and grabbed it. But it did not fit any of the OFM Fishing Team reels so we left it for another treasure hunter.

Since we know EVERYONE who reads this blog really wants to know what the inside of a palm tree looks like we took this picture to educate the team on an important subject.

Palm Tree Innards

The city is cutting down all the dead palm trees to prevent them falling on someone at the beach. We feel it is a good idea but we do not know where they are taking the tree trunks. Those trunks are definitely big enough to injure some one very severely.

Then shortly after the tree trunk event we met a really wonderful nice fellow named Steve from upper Texas. We talked about many things for probably nearly an hour. He had a lot of information that the OFM was excited to learn. He travels in a rig a bit different than most RV set ups but we have seen a few like it in our fifty years of Rving.

He has a very nice Lance camper on his truck and pulls the jeep behind it. What caught the OFM attention first off was the excellent kayak he has on the jeep. From that we talked for a long time. He is a very personable fellow to visit. So if you see that rig and get a chance give him a shout and tell him the OFM sent you.

And now for the last item for tonight but far from the last item on the list to write about. The OFM finally took time to get a new painting started. It is in the extremely early stage of the art work but already is making the OFM smile in joy.

We are using some new techniques on this one also. It has been on a back burner for over three years while the OFM tried to learn the techniques needed. It is time to find out. So in a couple of months or so we may all "git a giggle" from the results.

As you might have guessed it was another great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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