Got Shot Again


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-25-2021

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Breakfast was at Whataburger in Aransas Pass with a couple of old friends. We covered a lot of discussion on many subjects. Sure enough we got wore out jawing and finally the younger guys headed on out.

The OFM headed next door to the Walmart to see about getting himself a Moderna Covid Booster shot. The pharmacy group was diligent and prompt in the responses to the OFM questions and soon it was time to sit in the stabbing chair.

The GENTLEman who gave the shot was very nice and to our surprise there was not even the feeling of a prick of the needle. It was the least noticeable shot we can recall ever getting.

We left the shot area and headed to the grocery for soy milk and bananas. We were soon out into Sierra and rolling to the Castle.

When we entered the Castle the bedroom clock said 0923. Good grief we were being efficient today.

Just to verify what the symptoms of the booster shot might be we logged into the computer and quickly found the normal folks reactions. Sure enough by 1000 the OFM had the head ache, aching and slight fever that was common. So we nursed the OFM all day and even let him nap a couple of hours in the afternoon. By supper time, he was all recovered and planning his next misadventure for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Well, I had mine late this afternoon. So we'll see tomorrow. So far, so good. The second Moderna gave me a nice temp of 101 the next day. And I had the shot around noon the previous day. Guess some people react quicker. And get over it quick like you did! So that's good.

  2. Miserable day, but it finally wore off after I broke down and took some advil this afternoon. I really don't like fever over 100. Or even 100. Or even 99. But I think this thing has worn off now. So 24 hours later, life returns.

  3. I clicked publish too soon. I hope you have not posted today because it was just tooooo wonderful with activities...and no leftover vaccine stuff.

    1. The day was too busy and I am late putting together the new blog entry.