Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Time For A Diaper Bag!


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-21-2021

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The only thing we caught today was a ribbon fish. Then we lost the lure to another one that bit the line in two.

It was just a well because we had chores to accomplish today and they ate up a lot of daylight.

We were on a mission to find the right bag to carry the art stuff in so we could do more of the coloring on location that is so much fun. The local Walmart was severely searched with minor not just right luck until we finally gave up and started out of the store. The OFM took a short cut through the baby stuff and guess what showed up a nearly perfect for the job.

Those baby bags for infants built to carry bottles, diapers and half the world so a person can get out of the house now and then even with an infant along.

The pockets seemed to be just right and the padding is a good asset to protect the breakable art items. The more the OFM looked at them the better they got. So tomorrow the chore is to put together the art supplies we would like to take on these excursions and see how well it matches with the bag. We had no idea a 75 year old fat man might need a baby diaper bag again.

Tomorrow is a serious maintenance time for Sierra. Sierra has 111xxx miles on it and the serpentine belt is still the original one. According to the manual it needs to be changed no later than at 100,000 miles. We will be getting that taken care of as well as an inspection of all the pulleys and etc that needs to be evaluated.

The OFM did take a look at doing it himself but the belt is noticeably worn and WAY down in the depths of the engine compartment. There is also several air ducts running around over the area of access. Then to top it off Sierra is tall enough that the OFM would have to work off the tall ladder head down in the engine compartment. It is just too much for the OFM to safely do by himself much less alongside a road in the Texas desert. We are sure it will not be a ten minute job for $23.87.

At least we have a very good and fair priced shop here in Rockport, TX by the name of Craig's that has repeatedly proven for 14 years to be reliable, thorough and fair priced.

So now we will sleep well tonight knowing that we will NOT be on our heads inside the engine compartment in the morning trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Funny about the diaper bags since I use one for a yarn craft bag with the same idea of having what I need when working away from home. They are great and last forever. I took out the diaper changing pad but that might work well for you.

    1. It looks like it will be a fun task just checking it out in detail. As far as forever goes, at my ancient age a decade can easily be my forever.

  2. OK, I had an entirely different situation in mind when I read the title of this post!!

  3. That is such a clever idea for art supplies. I will have to follow suit. We are laughing at your description of fixing the car. You deserve to have someone else take care of that gnarly part of the engine:-) Stay well. In Maui right now. Aloha.

  4. Thinking outside the box is good. We have a portable cooler bag we use when we need to haul our laptops. Like the diaper bag you mentioned, padding is good.

  5. Aiee. Serpentine belt strikes fear into my heart. I'm still not sure what it is, but I had a little new Fiat in 1975 (kind of a communist car - no ac, no radio, manual shift, and actually had a throttle) but I loved it.
    And then one day....way too soon, probably 4 years later. The serpentine belt broke. Cylinder got bent. A nightmare from then on out. Only one guy in town would touch it. Sounded like an old Singer treadle sewing machine afterwards. Cute car though.
    I suspect you will have better luck with yours. I certainly hope so. And I look forward to a photo of your diaper bag.....with art supplies stowed away.