Hot and Humid Day


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-24-2021

Click the picture to enlarge it.

We got an early start at the Memorial Park this morning. Here is the view at the start of the 1.5 miles of HOT and HUMID brisk walking. It was a nice bright morning but very sweaty with no breeze in the area.

When we finished we headed over to the Beach Park in hopes of some breezes to help cool off the Teams. There was practically none. The sun was so bright it made this picture seem like it was black and white.

But we pushed on and put in some more time sweating on the handicapped access ramps to simulate up and down hill walking.

About a half hour of that hot sweaty work was all the OFM could handle. So we sat on the upper open air pavilion to cool off some and watched the birds hunting breakfast.

Later in the day the OFM decided he needed a new belt hole in his belt. So out came the drill and drill bit to punch a fresh new hole in his belt. Now he can snug it up to fit his enormous waist line better.

We spent the hottest parts of the day messing with art stuff and trying to have tooooo much fun in the AC.