Natural Beauty


Tree Caves


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/13/2021

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Possible Rolling Date: 9-7-21

We got in a decent walk today but never stopped to take a picture. However we had a couple of pictures left from yesterday to tell stories about.

One of the odd things that we have noticed this year along the waters edge is the tree limbs being weighed down into the water by the leaves. They curve out and down very gracefully to form tree caves out over the water. Under the limb is a nice clear area where the water is usually a lot less ripply and reflects better. Depending on the angle of the light coming through the leaves the water inside the cave can be very sparkly like a clear black night with the stars out. It is a pretty nice scene but very difficult to photograph. We did get a decent daytime type of shot of a tree cave. Enjoy it please.

At another part of the trail a new to us event occurred. Let us start the story with this photograph and the bumble bee busy inside the flower.

We had taken the picture and checking it out on screen to see if we needed a different angle. Suddenly another bumble bee came zooming in and entered the flower also.

That quickly led to a very violent and ferocious fight for the territory. In just a few seconds a major battle was fought and the second bee stumbled out of the flower and wobbly flew away. The first bee stood there at the opening of the flower and watched bee two make its way to somewhere else. Then it went back to work inside the flower being a bumble bee doing its job. It was, to the Teams anyway, a wonderful experience to see nature behaving like nature really is. We had never seen the ferocity shown like happened here this day. A lot of nature is not cute little critters playing but is a real battle for survival.

It was an event we will remember for a long time if we live a long time that is. In the mean time we will continue to carefully watch nature a s great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Once upon a time, I lived out in the boonies. Mother Nature was often not kind. Usually beautiful, but sometimes hard to witness. So how about posting some of the art stuff you've been doing? I just got my cataract fixed and it's a whole new visual world, colors are so bright, blue is back, and outlines are crisp! So let's see some of your projects in addition to the photos!!

    1. All of the art ready for viewing has been posted. Check previous blog postings for them.

  2. Interesting, Barney! I never heard of one bee confronting another like that. Thanks for describing it. Have to wonder. Surely there were other flowers. Maybe the newcomer was just spoiling for a fight. And he got it! Sounds like something humans do!

    1. There were about five more flowers in near proximity.