Natural Beauty


Saved By The Flag


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/10/2021

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Maybe Rolling Date: 9-7-21

It has been an intense last two days so tonight is only part of the “fun” of the last two days. The most import thing was the OFM paying attention during the morning walk. It was again hot, still and HUMID and the OFM noticed after a little over a mile, he was not doing well at all.

We paused to access the situation and were next to the #2 hole green of the golf course.

Notice how limp the flag is. Those flags are very light weight material so the least breeze moves them to let the golfers judge where to aim their approach shots. It did not budge a bit while we chose what to do.

After some thought, we decided to head on down the shaded paved road at a meanderthall pace and watch for photographs begging to be taken. We did find a few.

However, we did not go very much farther when the OFM called a turn back. He was getting too hot and not sweating enough. So we headed back to the Castle at a very meanderthall pace. We got back to the Castle with about 2 miles for the morning.

Once inside the OFM turned one of the fans straight on him, grabbed a small glass of water and slowly sipped it down. It was a good half hour before we all agreed that he had recovered enough for a shower. Later in the afternoon we talked to a few other walkers, runners and bikers and they all had had to slow way down and/or shorten their routes today.

The OFM is FREQUENTLY asked by ladies in the campgrounds “do you cook?” Why we have no idea. So here is a normal breakfast event for the OFM. Stoups and other stir fry meals are also fixed often. Salads also get out outrageous and wonderful also.

Diced potatoes are put to gentle stir frying in scant olive oil in a pot.

Fresh vegetables are chopped up to put in when the time is right. This day it was celery, bell pepper, onion and poached chicken added to the potatoes.

Then a minute or so before it is all done the light BBQ sauce is stirred in and slightly charred.

And there you have a normal stir fry meal for the Teams enjoyment. The vegetables vary according to the OFM's whims. Fresh ground black pepper and garlic is added along the way but never any salt. Usually the beverage is either tap water or hot green tea in the cooler weather times of the year.

And that is how to have a great overall day of trying to have too much fun.


  1. Fix me a bowl of that, would'ya?

  2. That looks delicious! Maybe the "do you cook" ladies are looking for
    1) an invitation 2) an easy question to lead into inviting you for dinner or
    3) someone to give too much cooked food to. I think they're looking for company :)
    Have a fun day, Barney.