Morning Walk


Hurricane Rains?


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/30/2021

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Rolling Date: 9-10-2021

Grocery shopping was the first thing on the agenda. We badly needed the food and wanted to get it purchased and back to the Castle before the predicted heavy rain started. Mission accomplished and still no significant rain.

Messed around and got it a bit over two miles of walking doing clover leaf walks from the Castle. We did not want to get caught a mile or more from the Castle when the heavy rain started.

A nice shower to clean the OFM body and some cleaning of the Castle. Then some considering where to head when we leave. Another store run and lunch at Lawlers. Then a stop at the Walmart Neighborhood Market again for a few more “hurricane” rains items. So here we are early evening writing the blog entry and we finally have a small light bit of raining. So what does a good OFM do in the rain. He grabs his umbrella and the laundry and gets busy since nobody with any sense will be clogging up the laundry room.

We are wondering what tomorrow will actually bring,

In the meantime here is another completed painting that we hope you enjoy.

It has been a nice quiet day of gently trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. So Ida hasn't dealt badly with you. Good. I looked up the plant in your painting....where on earth did you see it? I've heard the common name "crown of thorns" but have never seen it. Nice painting!

    1. So far Ida is not up here yet, but the rains have been reasonable here in the campground.

  2. Very nice! Good choice on the green matting.
    Have a good, fun day!