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New To The OFM


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/22/2021

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Rolling Date: Delayed a bit.

We were making good time on the trail this morning when the OFM screeched to a halt and backtracked a bit. Look at those red fungi he thought. Out came the camera and it had a memory card in it to his surprise.

Careful examination showed a cluster of red topped toadstools. That is a new scene for the OFM. So we managed to get a couple of pictures of the toadstools. They were very pretty and almost glowing. The camera did not catch the glow effect but it was there.

Here is the whole cluster.

And now the close up of the larger pair. The OFM managed to get this shot without sitting down in the damp gravel path.

The rest of the day was moving along at a slow pace when the call came in. It was the OFM's son calling. The whole mob was in the area and wanted to stop in for a visit. OH BOY YES yelled the OFM. In about 20 minutes the heavily hyped up crowd arrived. It was a rambunctious visit with LOTS of LOUD happy noise. It seemed like we all had a good time. Those grand kids definitely know about trying to have TOOOOO much fun.

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  1. So, a good time was had by all. Glad you didn't add any of those mushrooms to the mix, though they might be harmless, but I dunno. They could be fly agaric type, though I couldn't see any little white spots on top. If so, a hallucenogenic time could have been had by all.
    At any rate, maybe you will be entitled to a day off tomorrow.