Morning Walk


Fall Already???????????


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/06/2021

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Over all it was a good day today. A reasonable get up time and decent weather out on the trail made the 3.7 mile walk wonderful.

Here are a few things noticed along the way. Lots of fall leaves seem to be falling all over the place. Here is a layer of leaves near the start of the trail.

A nice bit of walking away we found this golf ball sized fruit growing on a woody stem near the ground. We have not noticed them in the past so if a reader knows what it is, please tell us.

Sure enough there is more to see and wonder about. Check out this fungi growing in the crack of a tree. We noticed a lion's face in the arrangement of the fungi “leaves”. The fore head is at 1100 and slopes across like it is going to the 0500 spot. It is pretty cute we think.

There were several new to us trees down and sawn on. This one aroused the OFM curiosity.

So we moved in for a close up to see what is living inside the tree.

Yep, now we all know everything there is to know about living inside of a tree.

With the OFM having several good walks in a row, he decided to get himself ready, equipment wise, for some golf. He checked with the starter about the best afternoon times to head out to play nine holes walking and carrying some clubs. We had a great time visiting and talking about traveling the highways of the USA. He is a former long distance trucker so we had many roads to discuss.

On top of all this, the OFM studied some art concepts and started a sketch book of ideas for future paintings. Good grief the days are short. We sometimes wonder about folks we meet who claim that retirement gets boring. We still need another 153 hours a day added just to stay even with most of the ideas for doing things.

We need to get rested to work hard tomorrow at trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Well are you on a roll or what!! Glad to read this.

  2. That's a buckeye nut. It's a tree. The Indians are known to crush them and throw them into the water to stun fish to catch them. I don't think that's legal for us these days, maybe the Indians can. Ok you know everything I know now. :O)

  3. Sounds like a great day!
    Your fungus looks like a white rose someone stuck in the tree.
    The sticks/vines in that picture look like a rose stem.
    Enjoy the nine holes.