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Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/03/2021

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It was a very nice walk this morning. All around the golf course loop for a bit over three miles. The temperature was mid 70 with nice bright sunlight.

Here is a picture of the road along the back of the course.

Then one of the nice scenes of the course. This is green 15 on the easy par 5 of the back 9 holes.

Along the way, we spotted these ditch flowers. They were certainly a bright yellow.

Then a little farther along these white balls were on a growth above a small creek next to the road.

The OFM made the whole trek without any special pains for a change.

As a real change from art work in the afternoon the OFM went over to the practice facilities at the golf course and spent a couple of hours practicing and exercising for playing golf soon we hope. Recoveries seem to take way too long when one is old. At least the practice/exercise went very well and no new injuries were created. With a bit of luck we will give golf a try tomorrow.

Playing golf for a change would be another good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Glad you got a bit of hitting the golf ball in. I think you've got a button bush in the photo of the white spikey little flowers. They're good bushes.