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Big Surprises Today


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/26/2021

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Rolling Date: 9-10-2021

Notice we have a new rolling date. Several things had to be reconsidered such as heat still bad along the desired route, Covid up tick is severe in some of Texas and New Mexico and other little details. But now we have the information to make the choice and we did first thing this morning and turned in our rolling date to the campground management.

Then this afternoon the weather site pops up with another storm that will probably end up as a hurricane taking aim at this area. But it is supposed to be here and gone by next Monday. What a mess of junk to be considering!

Ok now on to the good stuff. The morning walk needed to be not to hot since the migraine recovery time is not over yet. So the OFM chose to take a path that has more sun on it, but we are earlier than usual. Also this route is more open so we hoped (correctly as it turned out) that some breeze would be moving in the open areas. Even though it was hot the little bit of breeze helped tremendously. We got in 2.8 miles and the OFM was ready to stop when we got back to the Castle. Here is the walking path next to the golf course.

We got to the spot where the gravel walking path takes off to follow the lake through the trees. It was quickly way to humid and still in the trees to do much walking in there. Here is a picture through the trees from the path. Look at that slick lake. We turned around at this point and headed back to find some breeze.

All along this section of the pathways we had great fragrance every where we went. The source was finally isolated to be these white flowers on a shrub growing all over the place.

The last thing for tonight but by no means the last thing that happened is when we were at Walmart to pick up something, the OFM stopped at the electronics area to ask if they had received any more of the camera we wanted so we could purchase one. As luck would have it, the nice fellow in that department was carrying a box of stuff out to put onto the shelves. He reached into the box and pulled out the camera we wanted. Two of them had just come in on a truck a few minutes ago.

So now we have a new camera of the same model that broke that we have had for several years. When we get the electronics all set up in the morning we will be back to full service photography again. The old one will go into a cabinet for a couple of months while the new one proves it abilities.

This issue of the blog is getting long so all the other stuff that happened will wait for a day or so while we try to recuperate from this fast and furious day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Good stuff OFM. It just goes to show one doesn't need an expensive fancy pants camera to take great pictures:))