Morning Walk


Toad Stool Family


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/19/2021

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Probable Rolling Date: 9-7-21

We were getting ready for the morning walk and noticed that the sky was dripping a few water droplets now and then but was not looking like it would rain. So the OFM got the umbrella from Sierra and away we sent. About a hundred feet from the Castle the rain gently started but was so gentle the OFM decided to continue on and unfurled the umbrella. By the time we got to the campground exit it was raining but not hard. So the OFM decided to just make the short loop near the Castle. By the time we made the ten minutes back to the Castle it was seriously raining. So we came back inside. The morning became a clean up the computer debris that had accumulated and get to work on a piece of art.

By the time we got back from lunch it was a decent day again, if a bit soaked. But the sky looked nice and bright and the temperature was almost decent. TIME OUT. the mosquito control truck just went by the Castle spraying for ugly critters. YAHOO. TIME IN.

We headed out for a walk and it was especially nice. No body was on the trail but the OFM Walking Team. We managed to make the whole three miles with a nice amount of sweat for a change.

We took two pictures. The first one was of a toadstool family out for and adventure.

Then a little way on down the trail the slick water and ripples made a scene the OFM was nice. So here it is. Nothing special but just nice.

And this evening we are working diligently on a cactus blossom painting with our new toys from a day or so ago. They are proving to be a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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