Morning Walk


Cracked Caulk Found


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/16/2021

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Probable New Mexico Date: 9-15-21

The OFM was not feeling on top of the world this morning so we went grocery shopping instead of walking and it was a wise decision. After that we did a little computer work and some house cleaning etc. Lunch was at Lawlers again with a big salad with pulled pork and it was so good he ate half of it and took the other half home. Here is the left over part that we took home. 

When it was lunch time the OFM was back on his game and the salad disappeared in a few seconds it seemed.

After that excitement we went to work on the new drawing. It is taking forever but it seems like the concept of the painting is really nice. We will see when it is finished in a month or so.

Late this evening we happened to notice a crack in a piece of caulk on the roof edge. Upon examination we found several cracks in caulk like a tree limb had whopped the roof area there. So out came the tube of caulk and up the ladder the OFM went. Clean the cracks, dry; the cracks, properly apply new caulk, clean up the tools, put away the ladder and we were all done. We checked that area for cracks just before we came in here in Decatur and they were not there. We have had several small limbs from the trees break off and hit the Castle so maybe it was one of those. Anyway it is fixed now.

As of this afternoon it is a high probability we will be rolling into New Mexico somewhere around September 15, 2021 to begin some fall travels. It will be fun to see where we end up trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Barney you sure prove the accuracy of one of my favorite sayings, "Fun is an attitude and not necessarily an activity." Thank you for sharing your day to day fun with us.

  2. That saying CERTAINLY fits you, Barney. Your always positive attitude makes all the difference in your fun, and ours, too. Thank you!