Natural Beauty


Acrobatics Day


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/15/2021

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Maybe Rolling Date: 9-7-21

Today was a really good day at the grand kids home. They were ready to get in some playing. The grand daughter has gained some weight finally and is a good sized hunk of girl but still trim in appearance. The grandson has grown taller and noticeably heavier but is still not the least bit fat.

Both of them have learned some new acrobatic moves and are astounding in performing them. It was definitely a fast paced five hours of visiting.

The grandson was wearing his new glasses that they recently figured out he needed. He chose a nice looking but definitely kid style frames. The most important thing is he is thrilled to wear them and see things at a distance again.

We seem to be the target for all the rain storms coming across Alabama as it is raining again this evening. At least lately the rain has been reasonably gentle but steady. So far no flooding in the campground has happened.

So it was a really fun day of trying to have toooo much fun.


  1. Setting sun appears to be your next project.
    The photo is phantastic. Great silhouette.
    I have quite a few dead trees in my photograph collection.
    Don't know why I like them.

    1. I like to call the dead and standing trees Ghost Trees.

  2. Fred is on the way - time to batton down the hatches. Stay safe, OFM.