Morning Walk


New Camera Testing


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8/27/2021

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Rolling Date: 9-10-2021

WoW a whole day has gone by and the rolling date did not change!

Meanwhile the walk was very eventful this morning. The OFM had no trouble making the three miles even though the heat and humidity was bad. The new camera was put through the paces on the walk and it passed with flying colors. Here is one of the tests. The old camera had lost this ability and we feel you will be able to see why we wanted it along. Here is what the eyeball could see looking across Flint Creek.

Now this is what the digital zoom of this little cheap camera can do for the same view.

That is the capability the Teams really had come to rely on for a lot of pictures we put in the blog. It is wonderful to have that ability back in the tool box.

On that same walk where the camera was getting to prove its abilities we also met a young couple with a Vizula and an American Yellow Labrador pups. We talked about travel in the west and how well the pups would like the Texas beaches.

Heading on down the trail we met a very nice young couple out for their first walk in the Point Mallard trails complex. They were interesting also. When the OFM noticed they did not have water with them, the OFM talked with them about services available along the trail (none).

Then we talked about all the interconnecting trails that make up the eleven miles total of trails available. They decided to turn around at the 1.5 mile marker and come back another day better prepared for the distances involved.

Sure enough we got to our turnaround point and started back when we met a very nice young single lady of 65ish age. She had recently moved from her long time home in Pennsylvania to Decatur and loved the walking trails in the park. The OFM and the lady talked for over a half hour with lots of laughter involved. Finally we each needed to move on down the road and good wishes were exchanged and away we each went.

When the Teams got back to the Castle about 1030 we had been on the trail over two hours and were still giggling about all the fun we had.

Here is the decision sketch we made in the afternoon to decide if we want to go farther into making this a full painting.

Naturally we also had supper to prepare and a bit of other fun nonsense working toward our goal of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Glad you are feeling better the last couple of days... sounds like you had a good constitutional (walk) combined with some interesting visiting. Looking forward to the mushrooms, if you decide to do them.

  2. Wow, that zoom on the camera is amazing!

  3. Big optical zoom sure is nice. I got tired of the mechanisms failing in a couple years, presumably because of one grain of sand, and gave up on zoom cameras. The result was that I lost interest in bringing the camera.

    1. The first 8x is optical and the rest of the 20x is digital. The last camera, same model, lasted only 2.5 years in severe misadventure conditions. This new one was $170 drive out.