Danger On The Trail


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-30-2021

First thing to mention tonight is the stoup that was made yesterday was supper tonight. It fit the OFM taste buds perfectly. It is light flavored with a mingling of gentle flavors. We really enjoyed it.

The morning got an early start and we were out the door for the daily walk before 0730. It was not hot (or cool) and the wind did not exist but the humidity was high as usual. For a change the OFM did not have a lot of joint pains so we stepped up the pace a bit to get the walk a bit more aerobic than usual. We don't get a chance to do that very often.

On across the parking lots at the water park and down onto the trail along the creek we moved. It was feeling good to have some speed up for a change from nursing one thing or another. The foliage has gotten thick so the humidity is thick. On top of that the gentle breeze quit about ten minutes into the walk. As we closed in on the one mile marker, the OFM suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated.

EEEERRRRRk and lean on a tree. A quick examination revealed the OFM was enjoying the BRISK walk so much he forgot to pay attention he was no longer a kid of only 65 anymore. He wasn't sweating. Since he has had several heat exhaustion events and three heat strokes, he knows what to watch for and failed.

After a couple of minutes of collecting evidence he realized his symptoms were perfect for heat troubles to hit. No breeze, moderately high heat, vigorous exercise and not paying attention to his body (not sweating) told him all he needed to know. Back off and head slowly back to the Castle.

So the Meanderthall fellow took over getting us back home. The soccer field rest room was open so we stopped in there to get more water inside the OFM and rest in the shade a few minutes.

The great news is the trouble was caught soon enough that by the time we got back to the Castle the OFM was doing much better. HOWEVER, the OFM wisely called it a recuperation day and stuck to it. We were amazed he had enough sense to take care of himself.

For the rest of the day the only time we were out of the A/C was going from Sierra to Lawlers BBQ for lunch and Walmart for some repair stuff.

It is surprising but the OFM is feeling just fine tonight, BUT tomorrow's walk will be taken VERY carefully. The OFM recalls the day of his third heat stroke about 20 years ago, that the Doctor got right in his face and told the OFM “You should not have lived through this third stroke. The next one will most likely kill you.”

We have no interest on testing the validity of that statement. It could ruin a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Yup. Far as I can tell, heat/humidity are not my friends anymore. Humidity never was, but I used to be able to do the heat. Put them together, and forget about it. Glad you paid attention to yourself.

    1. It did catch me off guard this time, but I was not stubborn about shutting down.

  2. I should've previewed that.
    It's hard to remember the lessons we learned ;)
    Nice catch & recovery, OFM!
    I'm still enjoying your moonflower ~ love the cactus shading.

  3. I'm so glad you recognized what was happening and took appropriate action. We want you around for a good while longer, please.