New Leak To Keep Things Interesting


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 7-01-2021

Another very plain day. Again it was an early walk with a big difference. The OFM took us down the main entry road and then along the loop road around the golf course. The big difference is none of this route has anything to block any breeze. It is very open with scattered shade trees. Even with all that he kept the walk to barely over two miles and a brisk pace but less than yesterday. In other words being careful and safe was the order of business for this morning.

No pictures were taken today. It was laundry day. It was vacuum the Castle day. And, of course, rain settled in the area. A new leak showed up with the rain so when the rain stops the OFM will have some roof work to do. The leak is coming into the Castle where the junction box for the solar stuff was mounted on the roof 12 years ago. It most likely got a branch impact to make leak.

For the fun of it the OFM has started a new painting with new objectives. Newly studied techniques will be used with hopes we can get it right. The main effort will be colored pencil. With a little luck the picture will be good enough to keep instead of starting campfires.

So basically it has been an easy day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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