Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 7-16-2021

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The migraine headache went back to the old schedule of recovery this morning, we had to change paths for the day and take it a bit easy. A walk did happen and it was 2.5 miles at a pace almost brisk. But when we finished the OFM had to take a little longer to recover but it was OK. This evening we are pretty well on a normal recovery schedule.

The OFM was checking his clothing situation and decided we needed him to have another couple pairs of pants. Even another new pair of shorts or two might be good. So we headed out to Academy that carries the pants preferred.

All the OFM needed was to be two sizes bigger and we would have bought some pants. They did not have his size.

 But the OFM recalled that our neighbor had showed him some stretchy shoe strings that allowed his feet to swell while walking without making the shoes too tight. Academy had some of them, so a pair came home with the Teams. Here is the little box they came in. $8.99.

We got them sort of installed and have been wearing them since right after lunch. So far they seem like a good deal. The OFM can get his shoes on/off with out having to untie or tie them. They definitely need to be adjusted a little bit as we get used to wearing them. The outlook looks good but we are not sure yet.

A horizontal time was required for a little while after the string job on the shoes and the shopping. But it made a good difference in the migraine recovery so we were happy.

In the later afternoon we got some stuff gathered up and got it out of the rig. So now the rig is a few pounds lighter. Serious figuring is going on about when will the Teams roll and where will the Teams roll toward. As usual it is a difficult choice since there are lots of good choices to consider. But all of them are great locations for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Just curious...Do you find caffeine helpful for preventing/moderating migraines? I have a friend who does. Still, they occur anyway. What a beastly little ailment. Doesn't kill you but you might at times wish it did.
    I will be interested to hear more about the shoestrings. (As you might guess, I have a personal reason for asking. Ha.)

    1. I have been totally caffeine free for over 30 years. Before that, caffeine made not a bit of difference. I have been fighting migraines for over fifty years now,