Close Encounters


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 7-19-2021

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Our plan was an ordinary food resupply at the local Walmart Neighborhood Market. The first thing the OFM noticed was the total absence of shopping carts at the door. So we picked up a hand basket and headed on over to the fresh vegetables. Then next was over to the eggs. Things got odd after that point.

As the OFM walked down an aisle his left knee decided to quit working holding up his body. Luckily we were right next to a shelf rack and the OFM could grab it to prevent him falling. He paused and tried out his knee and it seemed to be just fine, so we carried on with our shopping.

To make this shorter, that same knee gave up twice more and the OFM was becoming an expert at grabbing the food shelving to stay upright. We still have no idea why the knee is having trouble but it has done it less dramatically twice more today.

Our site is on the inside corner of a left turn that goes behind the Castle. For some reason unknown to sane people, those who operate large fifth wheels or motor homes frequently cut the corner very close to a good size tree that protects the Castle from the turning rigs.

While we were sitting at the computer this afternoon, a large motor home cut so close it had to back up a little and make another attempt. The second attempt was successful but we thought it was a bit too close to the Castle. Check out this photo.

After it was gone the OFM walked outside and the tire tracks were about two feet into our site. And the poor tree had tire tracks on the roots next to its trunk. They must have had a good 6 feet on the other side of the road to have been over and a lot safer. We can usually count on at least five a week to cut it this close. Good Grief.

When we finally got the knee to cooperate, a nice medium walk in the sweltering heat was taken. Along the way we noticed that several more of the trees from the storm a few weeks ago were being sawn up to get them off the playing areas of the golf course. This next picture is of the latest clearing we have noticed on the course.

We are hoping that the OFM will soon quit having minor physical events that are keeping us from hitting up the course for a fun half round of golf. We have always thought playing golf was a great way for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Well, crapola on the knee thing. Glad it got back in order. (Mine has done that only a few times a second or two. It's kind of alarming when it happens! Ain't old age fun.) And you had a bit of luck with that big baby coming too close to you.

  2. The header picture "Smiling poppies" is very nice! The knee stops working! That would scare the you-know-what out of me... It's sad to hear that the Shelton Walmart is not the only one that doesn't hire enough people to regularly bring the shopping carts in...
    Speaking of Walmart, the ones I use have less and less good in them. The floor space between the shelves gets larger and the choice on the shelves keeps shrinking. Does this ring a bell for anyone else who uses Walmart?

    1. Here in Decatur Al and Rockport Tx the walmart stores seem to be quitting carrying anything that is not a high volume sales item.