Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Broccoli and Oatmeal


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 7-10-2021

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The OFM woke up to rain storms. We went to the grocery in rain storms. We managed to catch a lull between storm fronts and got the garbage put in the dumpster and hurried back to the Castle.

Two good things came of all this still going on rain storms. First the OFM is getting a good bit of art practice that he really needs.

Second is he made some great pork chop stoup after lunch. It was the normal put what you got in it stoup except today we had broccoli available. So some broccoli was chopped up and added to the mixture.

The other new item, and it was very successful, was to substitute oatmeal for the normal brown rice. That will be happening again in the future. It is very good. Five meals worth are in the freezer.

The house rule is if it is not SHARP, it is not a knife. Well the OFM proved the object is a knife while chopping broccoli. It is only a small nick on a finger and not serious but it did prove that your mind should not be wandering around the universe while cutting food.

Another odd thing today was the radishes the store had were HUGE. The bunch we brought home were the smallest in the cooler. Those suckers were golf ball to slightly larger. However they do have good flavor, so the OFM is enjoying them for snacks with a bit of peanut butter on them. YUMMMM.

It has been a very good indoor day with some great trying to have tooooo much fun time.


  1. Glad you survived yesterday and even made a week's supply of soup. Hope the cut is not in a place that moves a joint. Hazards of cookery. Where exactly in the Davis Mts is that trail in the header? I love that area...haven't been in a couple of years. Need to go back.

    1. Just down from the look-out shelter at the end of the Davis Mountains State Park scenic drive.