Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Gutter Cleaning


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 7/21/2021

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The morning started with the OFM a bit sore from the acrobatics on the roof and getting up and down from the roof yesterday. So he wisely decided on much more gentle things to occupy our time. It was just as well because the heat came in strong early and the humidity packed it in solidly. Then frequent short showers began. Basically it was a big mess.

Later afternoon the weather got much better behaved and the OFM got to work on cleaning the gutters of tree debris. He used the folding ladder set next to the Castle for support while doing that chore.

We cleaned the gutter, brushed some of the debris off and checked the caulk in the area. There were some spots that the caulk needed maintenance so that was also done. The OFM was a lot steadier on the ladder leaned against the Castle than yesterday squatting/sitting on the edge of the Castle. As you can see from this picture taken from up on the ladder, the fall is likely to damage OFM type of folks.

While we were up on the ladder we took a picture looking across the Castle that took in the locations of all three solar panels that power our fun boondocking times.

Notice the 10 gage wire cables hooking the panels together. When sizing the wire for solar it is very important to size by voltage drop instead of amperage. When the wire is big enough to handle the voltage drop it will be much larger than required for for the amperage.

The solar panel on the front far side was the playground for yesterdays frolicking. When the fun was finished we went to get a fish sandwich for supper. Then when we got home the weather was decent enough for a nice couple of miles of walking at a full belly pace. Along the way we grabbed a decent sunset picture to enjoy.

Then it was time to get busy on the evening chores like writing this blog about all the great things we did while trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Solar is magic on an RV! At least when the sun shines...

  2. I have found that even on rain days I get charging enough to notice. Not enough for a full recharge but enough to amount to a third of a normal day. It surprised me when my panels also charge a bit under area lighting like store parking lots.