Morning Sun


Swollen Knees


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 7-06-2021

The grands have had their last ride together around the large back yard in the wagon being powered by Grandpa. Next rides will be an individual grand kid in the wagon. The OFM did not get in a walk today because his knees were not healed from the wagon ride pulling yesterday. Those grands are getting a LOT heavier.

We did make a trip to the grocery store this morning and came back put things away, ate some more ibuprofen and sat down to some art work. The rest of the day has been knee protective so they will heal as fast as an OFM can heal.

On the art front, we have worked on a certain picture long enough that the OFM decided it was not going to work out with that technique, so it was destroyed. The same composition sketch was generated again and we went back to work on the layout using a watercolor pencil base layer and colored pencil over it style, with a smaller variation we want to try out. We will know in a couple of weeks how things are going.

With a little luck the Teams will be back in full stride tomorrow chasing trying to have tooooo much fun.