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Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date : 7/30/2021

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Well we started the morning sleeping until 0800 and waking feeling not so good again from the vaccination yesterday. Today was not quite as bad but it ran until about 1700 and now at 1930 the OFM is doing pretty well. We are really glad there will not be more of those vaccinations any time soon.

After supper tonight the temperature had dropped to about 88F from the 94F of mid afternoon and the OFM wanted to take a nice stroll to see how he is doing. So we headed out toward the main park area. Just as we were getting into the main area a huge rumble behind us got our attention. It was some huge nasty looking clouds.

A few rain drops fell and the wind got downright cold and strong so we ducked under some shelter and checked things out. A decision was made to head for the Castle before any strong rain hit and we set off at a comfortable pace.

We made it in good time and just closed the Castle's door when the wind and rain hit HARD. But it only lasted a couple of minutes and for a good bit now it has been just occasional showers. The weather radar shows lots of nasty storms in the area until after midnight. This Tennessee Valley area has lots of tumultuous weather whenever we have been here.

Mean while while healing the OFM looked up how far north we are. Someone today made a comment about this area being so far north of Texas that such and such. That did not sound right to us so we went to looking (since all the OFM could do most of the day was play on the computer or try to sketch) to see the facts.

As it turns out to get as far north as the Texas panhandle/ Oklahoma border you would have to leave the campsite and drive north a long ways. From here you would drive north through Nashville Tennessee to a spot just short of the Kentucky border. That is something around 135 miles north of us here at Point Mallard Campground.

This shows that idle time can create all sorts of irrelevant questions for an OFM mind.

Again, we have high hopes for tomorrow to be a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun here in Alabama.


  1. Ha ha that doesn't sound right to me either. And NOW we know what the deal is because you looked it up.
    Sometimes mercator maps (isn't that what they call them?) can be deceiving because they flatten things out but curve the latitude (or is it longitude, ha) lines. I do love maps even though I don't have a good grasp on the logic....Like on a map, one square mile on flat land may take 20 minutes to walk across, and one square mile measured on the map grid, but of mountainous territory, could take....well, it would take me weeks, with lots of rest stops.

  2. If somebody wants to splain this to me, I'll be glad to read it.

  3. I would have thought you would be farther north than that compared to Texas. I guess as long as you're south of the Mason-Dixon line you are good to go! (I know I know not pc.)

    1. The campground is about 28 miles south of the Tennessee State border.

  4. Just like here in Ontario we are actually further South then the Northern part of California.
    Glad the big storms are missing your location and you are slowly recovering so you can continue having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.