Unusual Migraine Behavior


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 7-15-2021

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Things were going OK this morning. The OFM was a little bit not perfect but we were on the way to a great walk. Breakfast was almost cooked. The eggs were in scramble mode when the aura of zig-zag multi colored lightening bolts showed up in the OFM's vision. Within seconds the blindness of a migraine hit and the cooking and eating of breakfast was done in ¾ blindness. Breakfast was finished, dishes cleaned, teeth brushed and the bed occupied again in very quick time.

A couple of hours of rest followed. The pain did not get really intense this time, but it was there. After about three hours the OFM was feeling like some gentle exercise would be in order. So we got the walking stuff in order and went out for a gentle short stroll.

Of all things we never expected, the gentle walking for the first quarter mile cleared most of the troubles from the migraine. There was some headache but we ended up putting in 2.5 miles at meandering speed. It seemed to do wonders at clearing the headache. This was by far the shortest lasting strong migraine the OFM can recall in his life. But we will take it.

After late lunch, we made a short walk around the entrance to the campground. As we meandered out to the trail we saw a bright reflection in the tree line we did not recall from the last few days.

It turned out to be the sunlight reflection from one of the pine tree needle clusters. That was another new event for the OFM Teams to be astounded by.

Things continued to improve until tonight when there is almost no residual troubles to bother us. So there is great hopes for tomorrows effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.