Knee Surprise


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 7-07-2021

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It was an incredible change from when we went to bed last night. An early awakening brought the surprise that the OFM knees were no longer swollen and painful. So the OFM got busy starting a new day.

The squash, bell peppers, onions and potatoes were stir fried to perfection. Perfection is easy when an OFM is stand by with a knife in hand and his hungry stomach growling. Then the two eggs scrambled and spiced just right were added to the plate. They nearly instantly disappeared. Dishes were washed. Then the OFM body was prepped for the morning walk.

For some reason unknown to humans, the OFM decided to take the paved route around the golf course for the walk today. We made the whole distance easily. The knees were no longer swollen or painful.

A rather odd realization hit the OFM when the three mile walk was finished. None of his body joints had pain AND our pace had been brisk the whole way. When we walk the gravel path that is somewhat loose material and a little uneven everywhere, his leg/hip joints start to ache by a mile and a half, but we push on anyway. Hmmm paved= no pain

gravel surface= joint pain Maybe we are on to something here. Also we were able to walk much more aerobically on the paved surface.

But we did take a minute to grab a picture of these Morning Glory??? flowers.

Upon return to the Castle way quicker than we thought was likely it was not yet 0830. Just about an hour for the 3 mile walk. This had been a much better exercise walk today. Looks like the OFM has some more experimenting to do on this issue.

We hit up the grocery store and stocked up a little. After returning to the Castle the OFM started with his art studies again. One neat thing that using colored pencils, both regular and watercolor, is the pretty shavings you find in your catch can from sharpening the pencils.

Yep art studies are still a great way for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. HA! What a great surprise for the day....glad you've found a possible culprit in the previous unpleasantness....Always nice to have a good day regardless of the reason. From your last photo, easy to see why you are interested in drawing and painting, and reproducing the beauty you see, because you can find it even in your pencil shavings!!! (I think that flower might be from bindweed, the bane of farmers everywhere, but I'm not IS a member of the morning glory family though.)

  2. PS. Your breakfast sounded so wonderful, perhaps that was the clue to the day...ha.

  3. Your shavings picture reminded me of fall...nice!