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Creek Trail Opened!


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-25-2021

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The gravel walking trail was opened today. So we meandered along and took a few pictures of the “mother nature modifications” and the clean-up. Apparently the entrance we thought was vandalized was actually the one used to get the gravel trucks into the trail for the resurfacing. All the damaged trail areas had new leveled gravel on them. The entrance that was a mess yesterday was nicely fixed up and ready for use.

We accidentally happened to enter the complex trail system at the junction with the golf course loop road that had also been closed. All of the trail system is open again just in time for July 4 hordes. Here is that entry point with all the blockading gone.

Each damaged area of the trail along the creek had the damaged vegetation moved to the side of the trail. The trail surface was smoothed and prepped. Then a new layer of gravel was put on top and leveled very well. All of the damaged sections the OFM Teams covered today were in great shape now. Here is a few pictures from our walk on this short section of trail.

When we finished the trail, a fellow coming from the far end about 3 miles away told us that it was completed being repaired all the way to the far end parking lot. It will be nice to have the shaded trail along Flint Creek open for exercise again. We find it a good place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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