Meek and Mild Day


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-4-2021

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This has been a very meek and mild mannered day. The temperatures were nice and no rain happened. The OFM had an upset digestive system until around noon, but even that was mild and cleared up by lunchtime.

The walk was shortened to a mile and a half due to some joint pains, but even those went away during the afternoon.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened is the OFM created a swatch chart of all the pencils in the new water color pencils set. We even tried out several of them. Here is the swatch chart for your enjoyment.

The only special change in things is the A/C was turned on about 0900 this morning and will stay that way for a good while according to the weather predictions. We set the thermostat at 81 and it is very comfortable for the OFM with a small fan blowing on him. The A/C dehumidifies the air enough that the OFM is comfortable up to around 79F these days. Old folks need warmer temps than the kids.

As part of writing the blog entry tonight the OFM got a big surprise when he found out it was Friday instead of Thursday. Oh well, we will just sleep good tonight and get busy tomorrow morning trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Uh. Looks like you've been spammed. Oh well. You are very organized to do the color swatch thing. I'm impressed. Meanwhile, some days, regardless of what the computer or the calendar in my kitchen have to say, I'm pretty sure what day it is, even though it's different from what they say..

  2. Color swatching seems critical to me. The swatch color is always a bit different than the lead color or the color indicated on the pencil in both water color pencils and regular colored pencils..