Fall Bench


Still Blocked


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-14-2021

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The OFM body was not putting up with any walking this morning so the morning was spent piddling around in the A/C of the Castle. Part of the piddling was sketching or better stated working up a sketch for a new painting. It is planned to be under painted with watercolor and topped off with colored pencil. Hopefully it will be ready within a few months.

Unexpectedly, about 1600 the OFM body suddenly was feeling like a good walk in spite of the warm temperatures. So the OFM figured out a route that would get shaded for the most part and away they went. Yep, in the shade it was pleasant walking and out of the shade it was not so pleasant walking. Here is what the shade did for the trail.

We made our way on around to the golf course entry area to head off into the gravel trail along the creek. OOOPS no go until tomorrow. The safety blocking for the electrical wire repair had all entry blocked in that direction.

So we turned back and took a devious way back through some shaded path and returned to the campground from a different direction than we started out.

All in all it was a nice walk of about two miles and we got some more nice flower pictures also. It made a good finish for a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Memories! I used to draw trees like those in your sketch. Mine often had fairy villages under them. I wonder why I stopped?

  2. Your painting and drawing hobby has to be darned close to an ideal hobby for a traveler. There are other hobbies that could add a lot to life. Every time one of them 'draws a blank' with me, I feel disappointed that I'm not getting as much out of life as I could.

    1. Finding what is right for each of us is difficult but worth the effort.

  3. Thanks for the preliminary sketch....it will be fun to follow along, so be sure and post various stages. Glad you ended up having a good walk!