Stupid Bird


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-13-2021

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On the nice walk along the lake this morning we saw a few more trees downed but a lot of branches ripped loose. The biggest nuisance was the gravel trail topping getting washed away by the flash flooding. In this next picture the trail runs side to side. The water came across the path so fast all the gravel was washed off the trail and scattered toward Flint Creek.

We did not walk most of the trail since it had huge puddles of water on it in many places. However we could see that the gravel was gone from lots of places on the trail.

We cut over the the loop road that goes around the outside of the golf course to get in some more distance on the walk. The OFM noticed right away that the course was empty of people. Later in the day we found out a high power electrical feed line to Decatur had been knocked down onto the course. The line had been deactivated but the repairs were in progress somewhere on the course. The power company wanted to be sure no fools would come over to see what was going on and grab a hot wire to check out. The course is expected to open on Tuesday. From what I see of the general public, it was a wise decision.

As we were getting to the campground again, a funny rata-tat-tat noise could be heard. It sounded like a woodpecker pecking a tree, except was coming from a galvanized steel power line post. It happened several times as we got closer. Finally we spotted the fool bird on top of the pole.

Sure enough it pulled back just out of sight and the noise started again. In a few moments it quit and the bird head looked down at us to see where we were. We could still here it until we were nearly back at the Castle.

It was a still hot humid day so we spent most of the time inside the A/C of the Castle. We did some Castle cleaning. Checked a funny spot in the bathroom to see if we had a water line leaking. Nope, the inside of the wall was covered with a nice layer of DRY undisturbed desert dust. So now we know the water stain had to come from something the OFM must be doing wrong.

So we fixed lunch and supper here at the Castle and eased along gently with no big excitement and it was wonderful. Definitely a better day than yesterday for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I agree that sometimes those days with no big excitement are wonderful.

  2. I spent a couple of months in Mobile Alabama in the summer & I really understand what you mean by humidity.

    1. Everywhere along the Gulf of Mexico in the hot weather is miserable. As it happens here at Point Mallard we have river or swamp on 330 degrees around us to give the coast a run for the misery.