Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Baked Potato Day


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-22-2021

The day was gorgeous when we hit the outdoors. First the OFM did his 20 arm lifts with the 15 pound weights. Then we had a very nice brisk two plus miles of walking. The cool weather this morning sure felt great.

During that walk we took three pictures of scenes that might get integrated into a colored pencil painting. The OFM is ready to get rolling on some nice picture work again.

Lunch (and supper) was a Lawlers BBQ baked potato and it was great. The OFM uses the red sauce for his potato dressing. And then it was back to the Castle to address the bi- yearly check up on expenses.

Due to a Topsy-turvy previous six months it took a good bit of time to make sure our expenses and income was getting along with each other properly. A few years ago while we did that chore yearly we had a scare about our money situation. It was an immediate change in policy to check twice as often to keep us in good shape with not a hint of a major surprise. Since then it seems that every six months keeps things in good control and allows for variances as “surprises” happen.

It is finishing up this evening as a nice day of trying to have tooooo much gentle fun.


  1. I do so enjoy your way with words. I often share them with my Dave and he chuckles right along with me. Thanks for being you.