Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Frog and Bee


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-8-2021

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The along the lake trail had water over it in a few places so we took the paved road/trail that went around the golf course and back to the campground. The plan was to hit the 1-1/4 mile point and turn back. However when we got there the OFM was moving good and not ready to turn back. So we ended up doing the whole 2.8 miles loop. The weather started out a bit cool but it warmed up well before we finished. Our big surprise today was all the hundreds of flowers that had burst forth since yesterday morning. The walk was very pleasant and for some reason the OFM joints never gave any trouble at all. In all we shot 46 pictures of flowers and what you will see in a minute.

At one place along the trail something moved near the OFM's foot as he stepped forward. A quick stop and there it was. A tiny frog that could have sat on a quarter it was so small. It sat there and posed for a few minutes as a couple of pictures were taken. We moved on and it stayed there in the path.

About the same time we decided to make the loop of the golf course is when we stopped to check out this view of the No.5 green. This is a very nice looking golf course in general. It is just hard enough to make you pay attention and do your best and yet easy enough for a klutz golfer like you know who to have lots of fun.

On around a couple of bends, we were taking flower pictures when this bee butted in. The breeze off Flint Creek kept the flower and bee moving so we never got a clear shot. However here is what we did get.

Then it was getting close to back inside the main park area and #14 green came into view. That water in the scene is where the alligator supposedly lives. We think it is a nice peaceful scene and have never seen any evidence of an alligator anywhere around here.

When we returned to the Castle the OFM took inventory of the pains and found very few and they were extremely minor. This loop will definitely get another walk from the OFM Teams.

Tonight we are enjoying intermittent rain showers. But we have had a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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