Forest Devastation


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-21-2021

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Thunder storms started in mid-afternoon and are still here getting everything wet. But before they came in we got the OFM out for a good long walk that he really needed to get loosened up from grandkid day yesterday.

After the walk is was a very ordinary day of nothing special until the OFM decided to take a stroll just to work some more soreness out of his joints and muscles. As we strolled over by the opening to the main river trail that has been closed since the little storm a few days ago, we noticed the yellow barrier tape was gone. Ok let us go see what there is to see.

It wasn't far. Just around the first bend when the destruction of forest had happened. Or at least one of the places if there are others. There had been heavy equipment in here working from the looks of the tracks all over the place. Our immediate decision was that someone unauthorized had removed the barrier tape and we really were not supposed to be in there and be safe yet. So we grabbed three pictures of the carnage and got on out.

Here is the first bit of damage we found.

Then just around a bend was this larger bunch of forest damage.

Then down the trail about fifty feet was this third pile of damage.

We decided we had messed around in there long enough and headed on back out. We made it without getting in trouble. We have no idea how much more damage the wind storm caused but the OFM Teams would really like to have the main walking trail back in safe use again.

After supper tonight the OFM worked on getting his golf clubs all set up for playing golf again. When he played a couple of weeks ago it turned out to be a nice time as long as he treated it as a recreation and not therapeutic exercise. And we verified the he is definitely not walking the courses again even with a pull cart. We need to pound his head that at three quarters of a century old he is not suddenly going to the tour players so he can beat them regularly. So relax and enjoy the game with what your can do now days. Golf for pleasure is still a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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