Fun Maximized


Adventure Location: Huntsville, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-20-2021

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My goodness this was a great day for the OFM. We hit the grands house to a wonderful greeting and the fun started and lasted until we left to head to the Castle and pass out from worn out.

Everyone was ready for a bit of holiday fun. The grands were keyed up and their parents were ready to visit also. The OFM's son and The OFM went out to pickup lunch and got a bit of nice private time to visit before we got back home with the food. And it was great food from Terranova's in Huntsville Alabama.

Lots of things went on but a highlight of the afternoon was the blackberry picking on their three blackberry vines in the back yard. The OFM helped plant them a few years ago and the yield is incredible.

This is four quarts of black berries and there is at least that many more on the vines waiting for more action.

When we left the oven was being warmed in preparation for a blackberry concoction of berry something. We have to tell you that bunch today did a wonderful job of trying to have tooooooooooooooooooo much fun.

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  1. Ah geez. I do love blackberries. Blackberry jam and bread and butter. Or just blackberries. Good work on helping get them planted!
    Glad you had a fine day.