Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Running Late Tonight


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-28-2021

It has been an interesting day and we are really late starting the blog tonight, so it will be short.

Walking was still limited but much better and we still have no idea what caused the difficulty. But it is healing fast so that is good.

While resting in the Castle we realized we got here March 3 of this year. That makes us here for about four months already. It has been a good four months but the tires are getting very itchy to roll somewhere. However it will be after August 15 before we roll anywhere. So lots can happen before then.

For some reason while working on a travel itinerary for the next rolling time, the thought of a big pot of stoup decided to sound good. Right now we are sure it will have okra in it. By the time we finish at the store in the morning it will have more than okra you can be sure. We have some cooked chicken breasts that need a home that might jump into the pot too.

The good news is that the OFM got in a short but brisk walk this evening so the healing is continuing. Being healed will be a good step toward having tooooo much fun soon.


  1. Nice painting, Barney! It reminds me of the blooming agave in the patio at Indian Lodge, DMSP.