Grapes and Berries


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-18-2021

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We had three nice walks this great day. On the first one we went near a bunch of wild growth between the campground and the golf course. Our goal was to check on the fruit growing there.

The blackberries seemed to be doing well and making good progress toward delicious.

The grapes are still to small to tell how they are doing but the color and size seems to be right for a good crop this year.

The brush along the walkway was trimmed a couple of days ago so we have a good chance to get some decent crop yields. Last year the trim job was done right as the fruits were ready to pick, so we got very few. We hope that we get some better timing this year.

For our major excitement today we went to Walmart with a small short list of things to buy. One item was another lamp to help light the painting surface more evenly. We are hoping that that will help the OFM to do better with the paintings.

The other was some non-slip material to fit under the easel base so it would not slide as easily while the OFM is coloring/painting on the paintings. We hope that helps. When we get it assembled we will feature it in this blog for your amusement.

After cleaning out some no longer needed items from the cabinets it is obvious that a new organization is needed. It should result with a cabinet or two with nothing in them. When you get decrepit enough to get rid of toys, then you start having extra space. The big difference we do not plan to fill them again. We are wondering what changes that might make to our lifestyle. Only time will tell. One thing for sure, it will all lead to trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Having not been around in awhile; seeing your header art sure tells me "practice makes perfect". progress. I truly admire this one. Why not give us a big spread of your work from 'Starts to Nows'.

    You truly inspire me to get back in gear with my art efforts. OFM thank you for sharing... and give us more!