Another Fallen Tree


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-17-2021

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Another good walk this morning with a couple of items to report. At one spot we pass the slough going into the campground.
Sometimes it is a nice area. Sometimes not so nice. This morning it was a serene reflection swamp. It was also the site of frogs croaking and birds cheerfully chirping. Just a nice moment s pause during the walk.

On another little walk around, a damaged tree from the storm of a couple of days ago was noticed. The OFM does not normally walk this loop so it was new to him.

Apparently it did not hit an RV when it came down. That was good.

Other than a couple of nice walks the Teams spent the day on art efforts since it was pretty hot outside. We worked with the watercolor pencils for a couple of hours with very little success. Our main plan for the watercolors is as an under painting for colored pencil art.

Then suddenly the OFM remembered the new colored pencil set that came in a couple of days ago. OK, now it is time to try them out. So we got them out and made up swatch cards for them. Then we set to work on the watercolor pencil painting to convert it to colored pencil and things started coming together well. Here is a pic of the workstation we use with the new colored pencils so you will know what we are working with.

So far it is going very well and we hope to have the picture finished within a month. In the meantime everyone try to have tooooo much fun.


  1. In my experience here on the property trees just love to fall right into one of my trails. I have all sorts of little 'loops' where I've had to cut fresh trail around fallen trees.

  2. Perhaps they fall toward the trail because the trees that formerly were there are gone and no longer support the others leaning towards that spot?

    1. Probably, but I personally think they do it just to screw with me!