More Fun


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-26-2021

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We got in a nice few miles of walking today. Per the Internet sources we have the OFM doing about 3 times as much walking as he needs. But he is still 50 pounds overweight so we will keep on pushing him.

Most of the day was mild but frustrating since an order tracking has not made any sense at all. BUT the order suddenly showed up at the office while it was still in Atlanta Georgia and some little town in Indiana. But it was in good shape and we were happy to get it. Here is what it was.

We wasted no time integrating them with the other pencils we have already in service. The OFM even skipped the swatch charting and started right in on a small painting with the new pencils to see how they performed. They perform very well. About six hours later we had this little jewel finished up and ready for photography.

We are very satisfied with the product and especially the cheaper price. You can order them directly from Arteza on line. When they arrive you will be able to expand the ways you will have of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. New gear that works well is always appreciated. I'm happy for you.

    1. And was a surprise these days. They definitely behave somewhat different than the Prismacolor pencils.