Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Pork Chop Stoup


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 6-19-2021

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Today was get ready for a grand kids visit tomorrow day. So we hit the grocery store for a bag of snacks and some bananas for the Castle. $37 later we left the grocery store happy and carefree-------- and a heavier credit card.

Back home we got out for a nice 2 miler of a walk with extreme light rain misting as the tropical storm heads our way. Tonight it is a moderate drizzle and is supposed to be moved on by tomorrow. Contrary to a lot of the west we have been having plenty of rain in this area.

Along about 1100 the OFM decided it was time to use up some of the refrigerator supplies so here we come stoup.

3 cubed boneless pork chops already cooked

1 coarse chopped carrot

1 can rinsed whole kernal corn

1 can of baked beans

A large chunk of chopped onion

1 blob of powdered flavored potato mix

Garlic powder to please

Fresh ground black pepper to please

Big dose of parsley flakes

Enough water to barely cover the mixture

The meat is already cooked so the mix was brought to a boil and simmered for fifteen minutes and allowed to cool for ten minutes. Good grief it is good.

After lunch the OFM was able to store three more individual meals in the refrigerator for next week.

About this time is when the drizzling rain started and is continuing now at 2000 hours.

We got in about two hours of coloring when a migraine hit and the art effort was shut down and ibuprofen taken. Horizontal the OFM went and slept for a couple of hours. He awoke just in time to go down and get a chicken fingers meal at Jacks for supper and head back to write tonight's blog.

It was a decent day but tomorrow will be a GREAT grandkids day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Nice job on the calm beach!
    Glad the headache didn't last so you can
    have fun with the grandkids today.