Nice Morning


Knuckleheaad Got Lucky

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Since the OFM is a knucklehead and set the Castle in the wrong location, he may have saved a much bigger trouble.

Due to his misjudgment we had to reset the Castle about five feet closer to the campground road. Now the leveling, utilities hookup and all the other parts of setting up an RV work better. BUT the most important thing is that during the reset, the OFM was able to detect a major defect in the right rear trailer tire.

That lump without any tread is likely a broken tire cord that would turn into a tire shredding going down the road. That in turn would not be a good way of having fun.

So now we are looking for an acceptable tire for the Castle here in the area. The OFM is VERY particular about the tires on his trailers.

So when it is all done we got lucky again to spot the trouble before it was trouble in no where land. A tire rupture could also spoil a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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