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Dirty Job

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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It was the big event day over at the grandkids home. The OFM arrived right on time at 1030 for duty. It was garden planting day. We all headed to the gardening store to get plants to plant. The whole bunch, daddy, mommie,Gavin, Piper and the OFM had a blast at the store shopping plants.

The OFM attached himself to a cart and plopped Piper into the seat and strapped her down. We had a blast running around the plant displays. She thought it was great fun to shake the cart while we were flying through the aisles. The OFM found out she can already say almost all of the vegetable names. Even zucchini was not a problem. 

Eventually all the plants needed were in the basket and we headed to the checkout. As we were leaving with Piper in the basket seat, the OFM said to a lady coming in “they even have 2 year olds for sale if you want some more”. She immediately replied “NO I have had plenty all ready”.

Everyone giggled and we headed for the car. Once we were all loaded daddy took us on over to the close Tex-Mex Restaurant for a great lunch. then it was back to the house for planting assignments.

The large Magnolia tree in the back yard is blooming profusely. Here is one of the smaller flowers the OFM held for the picture taking.

Planting got under way. In only a couple of hours we had all the plants in and well watered. Master Gardner Gavin was supervising all the work. After the final inspection he gave his approval of the work.

They have blackberry bushes in the yard. Those devils are headed for a bumper crop of berries this year. Just look at this little part of one bush.

In the front yard is a plant that is putting out gorgeous   flowers. We do not know the identity of the plant but we certainly like the beauty of the flowers.

After all the work was done and water in copious quantities consumed it was time for the OFM Garden Planting Team to head for the Castle. It was certainly a great time for us and an excellent attempt at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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