Busy Times Today

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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It was a severe day. The OFM woke with a painful left ankle so the morning walk was not done.

Then we got to listen to other folks radios. Kids keep running through or riding bikes through the campsite. Point Mallard Campground is not recommended any more. Radios and other things have made it not a great place any longer. We will be looking around the area over the next couple of weeks.

The OFM’s daughter in law had to get in for gall bladder surgery today. She did well and is back home. The OFM was a nervous wreck over her troubles during the hospital time.

Mail came in and the OFM got his new Texas drivers license. Sierras registration renewal showed up and we were able to handle that by Internet. So Sierra is cleared for adventures.

A letter from the IRS including a small refund check  came in. They say the OFM messed up his tax return and sent in too much money. We spent the money on a Whopper for supper.

The highlite is that we get to go to grandkid land tomorrow for a big BBQ feed. We are wondering if there is a chance going to a BBQ feed with the grands involved will give us a chance of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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