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More Surgery

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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What a great day today was! The main event was a trip to the dentist for the annual “take care of it” visit. Even that had a “special event” happen during the cleaning.

The extremely pleasant lady doing the work and the OFM both zigged at the same time. That resulted in the power washer she was using cutting the skin off the OFM’s lip for about a 1/4“ by 1/32“ strip.  It bled a little and the lady was rather bothered that she had cut the OFM.

 The OFM said it was not big deal. Exploratory surgery is a common procedure. Then he helped her feel better by asking how many stitches did she think he needed. We think that about then she would have bandaged his mouth shut except she still needed to get in there to work.

When we got home the OFM went to a mirror to see the real damage. The wound had closed so much he had to look very close to see the site of the event.

Then the big surprise when it was time to settle up the bill. $75 for the cleaning and exam and x-rays. We think they forgot something but paid the bill and hurried out to Sierra for our get away.

Now let us get back to the start of the day. The sun woke the OFM and he hopped out of bed to the 65 degree temperature in the Castle. WOW this feels good. Then he realized that the left foot barely hurt at all. 

After breakfast the Teams voted on a walk in the park to enjoy the beautiful weather.  So we got all set up and headed out for who knows where. We headed out from the campground and wandered past the tennis courts, batting cages and the golf driving range. Then a left turn took us toward the other park attractions.

The first attraction we noticed was the water park. The whole place is getting its “summer attire” on for when it opens very soon. The water park is pretty colorful don’t you think.

The walkway we were on curves a little so the next attraction was the Giant Water slides area. Make no mistake they are big. Check out this pile of fun.

After we looped around and past those locations, the OFM spotted some roses in containers calling out for attention. So we had to go over and give them some attention.

From there near the ice skating rink, we hit the walking trails along the water of Flint Creek and kept on putting them one in front of the other for a while. Then the sun was just right when we made a right turn and this pretty scenc popped up wanting to be photographed.

We made a little ways more and turned left onto the trail leading back to the Castle. It was a nice place to walk also.

The Teams arrived back at the Castle and the OFM wanted to go some more. But the left foot played President Trump and vetoed all the voting with a loud and clear THAT’S ALL FOLKS. So we went inside and had a big glass of cool water.

The Google Maps said we had walked 2.42 miles for this walk. Our camera said we had taken 57 photos. It was a good walk and fine way of trying to have tooooo much fun in cool weather.

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