Summer Arrived

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The cool air of last night was nice and the last of the cool air it seems. Summer came in today and for the next week at least. The frantic pace of the last couple of weeks is over and now things have really slowed down. We guess that means the Teams have settled in for the duration before the next traveling time.

The OFM set his mind to some ham and beans stoup and by the time he finished adding things to the pot we had ham, pinto beans, rice, carrot, and potatoes filling a 3 liter pot.

It is good and we have three meals frozen for the near future.

During the morning 3.5 mile walk we carry the camera in case something interesting shows up. This morning we had only two items to capture on electrons.

If you recall a storm here knocked a tree near the trail down and the top fell right on the trail blocking the trail really well. After the OFM turned in that the trail was blocked, someone came out and cut a tunnel through the tree top so the trail users could get through.

Today we found the spot cleared very well.  Most of the tree and all of the top had been cut back and piled near the trail. It looks like some nice firewood for anyone who wants it,

As we were getting to the end of the walk, a fire engine red flower with red accents showed up on the side of the trail. This little cluster of flowers were the only ones we saw along the whole walk today. They were certainly a happy site for us.

The OFM also used his monthly pass at the golf course today. The pass is $100 a month for all the golf you can play at the Point Mallard golf course. A regular price round of golf costs $25 and the OFM usually gets in quite a few plays a month.

Needless to say it was a major pile of walking today. The OFM is riding a cart nowdays but it still gives you a lot of walking when it is CART PATH ONLY like it has been lately. But it is a great way, for him, of trying to have tooooo much fun (frustration).

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