A Thinking Bench

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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As we were walking the road next to the golf course this morning the OFM actually had a sane thought for a change. He said look over there it is a thinking bench for Darrell Goza. 

He travels and tells his readers about all the great thinking benches he finds around the country. His unique blog is .

The paved road around the golf course is locked to normal traffic with only special vehicles allowed. It is a great walking place for those that need wheels along. One of these ladies was pushing a baby carriage. They were having a good time visiting and walking. That is hard to beat.

We were following that road to a mid point and then planning on cutting back over to the water’s edge trail to go back. However a bright blue flower caught the OFM’s attention so we had to stop and get a picture.

Then it was back on the brisk walk pattern. We got to the crossover and headed back along the edge of the water. All along the route so far there has been minor evidence of the strong storm from yesterday evening. We noticed a fresh stump with the new lazy tree laying down on the job.

Then when we rounded the bend we found the top of the tree flooding the trail.

It was a dense pile of branches. After a couple of minutes examining the area for a bypass the OFM just used his usual thought process and barged right on through the branches and leaves like an armadillo on the prowl.

From there the trail was clear but off to the sides were limbs that had freshly taken residence on the forest floor. We think encountering most of them on the way down would be too interesting for our liking.

The brisk walk just kept on happening until finally the OFM’s legs were getting slower. Then we headed back to the Castle. While the OFM was recuperating he looked up on Google Earth our path. We had done a little over 3.5 miles but there was a lot of interesting things to see along the way. Now that is a good length exercise walk combined with trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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