Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama



Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The campground has started the wild Memorial Day Holiday with a generally loud and busy evening. Lots of folks enjoying getting away from work and raising a little racket. Every year it is like this but we have never seen any folks getting into fights or loud arguments, but WOW do they know how to get loud having fun.

The OFM started the walk a bit earlier today but found that we need to start even earlier. The het and hummditity started to get to him during the last half mile.

When we cleared the campground on the way out this nice long plastic pipe was waiting alongside the path. Looks like some construction is about to start.

 Then just the other side of the trees was some construction equipment waiting its turn to get active. It looks like a back hoe, a trench tool of some sort and a paving repair machine.

 We think the path along here may be off limits in the near future. On down a little ways the city has started setting up the traffic control fencing. 

 There are lots of activities here this weekend of which one is some hot air balloons messing around over on the golf driving range near the ball fields. Tomorrow is the first day the water parks will be open. It promised to NOT be a relaxing peaceful day. However it is usually a day of happy squealing kids of all ages. It is just not a quiet day or night.

One thing we noticed was some of the berry vines are still setting berries. Here is a very grainy picture of one right by the walking path. They are growing in an area that is shady most of the day so they are behind the others that are out in the sun.
Check out those thorns!

We are betting that tomorrow there will be a huge amount of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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