Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Old Tree Sentinel

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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It was earlier again this morning when the OFM Walking Team set out on the quest for pictures for the blog. As we entered the area where millions of vehicles had been parked, it was a ghost town. Then the OFM thought back to when we walked through the campground a few minutes before. At least 40% of the vehicles were gone! All the noise about 2300 last night must have been them leaving. We do not regret them leaving but they were a reasonably well behaved crowd.

Here is the vendors area that surprised the OFM two mornings ago with it being full of vehicles.

So the walk continued on and the OFM was doing well so we managed to get in 3.5 miles today. Just do not count on that every day.

Along the way this swamp scene popped into view. Of course we have been walking past the scene for seven years now before the OFM noticed it. We think it is very nice.

This afternoon the OFM decided it was time to change the Castle’s water heater anode rod again. The Castle likes a new one just about every year. Naturally the OFM had to get himself soaked during the process, but at 93 degrees it actually was good feeling. Any way the old rod was not as bad as some other times but it did get changed out. It was time even if it would have lasted for a few month more.

The OFM Art Team had a great time this afternoon finishing an oil pastel painting that had been lingering for much too long of a time. It will be titled Old Tree Sentinel. 

Some how in spite of the miserable heat outside we managed to do a good job of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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