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Hordes Arrived

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Morning came very early so the Walking Team made it to the open area of the main area of Point Mallard Park by 0730 with hopes of beating most of the folks to the area and get in a good walk. Well we did beat most of the folks but not nearly all of them. Early this evening the line of cars waiting to enter the main area was over a mile long.

So any way we got to the usual walking entry point and hit the brakes. Here is a couple of pictures of part of the mob of vehicles. To the left the open fields were already full.

Straight across the waterpark parking was already filled and vendors were doing a brisk business in the area to the left.

The OFM shook too much and the third picture was a big multicolored blur of folks and vehicles.

We turned left to head off to the hot air balloons lift off area but the crowds coming our way caused us to grab a picture and turn right back into the campground.

As we walked down through loop D we grabbed this picture of the “camping” happening in this area.

What we have here is nearly every campsite is occupied by someone that has a herd of relatives and friends coming in for the weekend and staying with them. So the sites in general have 4 to ten more folks than normal. That makes for crowding like unreal as you can see above.

At the same time it is nice to see all the kids and other folks having a good time. Still as of tonight no unpleasantness of any significance has been evident. Just LOTS of happy folks.

It was evident the walk was not going to happen so we went out the other side of the campground near the golf course to check the road coming in to the main area. Packed as far as we could see was the scene.  Naturally someone had done the usual and soaped the entrance waterfall.

The wild life was staying out of the way too. This turtle was hot footing it across the golf course away from all the people.

So the OFM Teams went back to the Castle and made stoup for our next four meals. Yep it is good.

We made a point after that, and Sunday and Monday, of staying out of the crowds as our way of trying to have tooooo much fun. 


  1. Yes the long holiday weekends bring the crowds, but at least they will soon be gone again. That looks like one tasty pot of stoup,

  2. Holiday weekend seem to draw those that are still in the working world. Making Stoup looks like a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy looking at the mayhem from a distance.

    It's about time.

  3. A good excuse to just lay around the RV and take it easy until Tuesday.

  4. I think I would get claustrophobic with crowds like that! Enjoy the holiday however you can!

    1. You are right, but three days is all it is. Not really worse than three days of rain I guess.

  5. You did a good job of framing the turtle shot.

  6. To think that at one time I was part of those crowds and perhaps a bit unruly as well.

    One of my dearest friends...Linda Lou...who was sixteen years older than I once said to me "there will come a time when you can no longer put up with crowds then you will know that you are officially old"...guess I am officially old :-(

  7. Your stoup looks delicious, is that bell pepper or jalapeƱos?

    I can not get over how many turtles live at your current location. Nice photo of the lone turtle.

    1. My stomach does not handle any peppers with heat, so it is bell peppers. I really like the flavor of the Big Jim pepper from New Mexico but I cannot handle them any more. Yes this swamp around here is full of turtles and an alligator now and then.